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Every Friday and Saturday we stock a tremendous variety of breads.

Our artisan bread makers are a local company: Swift's the Bakers of Ludlow. The Swift family have been Baking bread since 1863 and it’s a measure of how good they are that they won the People's Choice Festival Loaf at last year's Ludlow Food Festival.

They do some interesting continental breads: e.g. Ciabatta, Focaccia, Stromboli and also speciality breads: Cider, Chilli, Shropshire blue & red onion/herb & garlic, Pi-ado (Mediterranean style bread), Beer bread (Hobsons Donker) and Pesto & walnut! Their French breads have special Artisan Boulanger accreditation. These are breads that work well with the wonderful array of cheeses we offer.

Swift’s do not use any colourings, flavourings, additives or preservatives in their processes. The flavours in their bread are created by the flour and ingredients used, through the fermentation time and baking process. They use a range of flours in their production from English/Canadian wheats in white and wholemeal, to Italian flours for their Italian breads, and authentic French flours for their French breads which includes the 'Label Rouge' (guarantees the highest quality wheat and no use of soya based products or emulsifiers).

In addition to the International Breads mentioned above, they produce an extensive range including: White Breads, French Breads, various Organic Breads, various Wholemeal Breads, Speciality Breads and a Healthy Eating Range.

You have to try Shropshire blue & red onion bread.

Orders are welcome for specific breads and the Deli provides these breads to local conference centres and public houses.

Why not visit Swift's the Bakers on line or visit us on a Friday or Saturday for the best breads around.

If you pre order you will get exactly what you want.

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