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5 Tier cakes & examples of decorated cheese wedding cakes

What is a Cheese Wedding Cake?

At the Deli we can put together a selection of cheeses to form a beautiful Wedding or celebration cake for your special day or event. We use only farmhouse and artisan cheese available from select small producers throughout the British Isles and Europe. Every one of our cheeses we consider to be the best of its kind and so too do many of our customers. We have a great deal of experience supplying Wedding Cheese Cakes and can guide you through what works and what doesn't, and help to make your day as special as possible...

Why Cheese?

Many people choose a Cheese Wedding Cake as an accompaniment to the traditional fruit Wedding Cake, or because some people simply do not like cakes made with marzipan, chocolate, icing, or many of the ingredients of a traditional cake. Other people choose a Wedding Cheese Cake just because it is slightly different, and some might say more interesting!

What Cheeses Are Suitable and How Much Are They?

You can make a Cheese Wedding Cake from many of the wonderful cheeses we stock, and every cake is made to each customer's requirements taking into account your taste in cheese, your budget and the number of guests. A couple of very popular choices for cakes are:

A bottom tier of Montgomery's Cheddar, superb unpasteurised farmhouse cheddar, crumbly textured with a lovely grassy aroma, and a fruity mellow rich taste that lingers on the tongue, then a tier of Kirkham’s Lancashire fresh and crumbly with earthy and crème fraiche flavours, then a tier of Colston Bassett Stilton, a deep and richly textured pasteurised cows milk blue cheese, it is a lovely creamy ivory colour with well-spread blue veining. Then a tier of Coulommier which is soft French cheese that sits somewhere between a Brie and Camembert, it has a more pronounced flavour and a very creamy texture. Then finally a beautiful little bright orange Langres to sit on top. This cake can be made for 100 + guests and would cost in the region of £230.

What Is The Best Way To Decorate The Cake?

They look beautiful when garnished with fresh fruit and flowers, and perhaps a ribbon wrapped around each cheese. Some people choose to have the cheese stacked on top of each other, or to use traditional Wedding Cake stands to separate the layers. While you can get these from your local cake shop or specialist supplier, we can supply smaller goat’s cheeses to act as supports between the cheeses and to separate the layers. These make a fun and edible addition to the cake.

How Do You Deliver?

Within a 25 mile radius we will deliver and assemble for £25.

We ship the Cakes as individually wrapped tiers wrapped in double wax paper and housed in insulated boxes that maintain a cool temperature for many hours. To ensure as little time in transit as possible though, we use DHL 24hr delivery. There is a delivery charge of £8.95 within mainland UK excluding Highlands and Islands and we would suggest delivery a couple of days before the celebration. We can deliver to the venue or to your private address.

Please always call us to discuss your individual needs and tastes.

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